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Jugyou (寿行) was a former subordinate of the 8th division Ninku unit and a minor antagonist in the manga Ninku.


Jugyou was a tall lanky man with flat black hair, eyes shut, a large nose and a wide smile. Unlike Fuusuke's expression being hard to read due to his upper lip being curved, Jugyou's expression is nearly unreadable because of his smile being permanent. Jugyou wears a t-shirt with the sleeves rolled up to his shoulders, shorts and shoulder armor with the centerpiece being an emblem that shows "未" (Meaning "Goat").


Not a lot can be said about Jugyou's expressions due to his permanent smile however he has shown to be completely sadistic and condescending as shown when chasing down Rihoko and when he battled Fuusuke.


Jugyou was formerly a part of the Ninku Unit's 8th division of goats; users that manipulate plants, however after the war and the disbanding of the Ninku, Jugyou was trained by the Ninku Wolves and set out to kill the former captains, namely Touji. At one point he tracked down Rihoko and planned to take her hostage in order to lure Touji to him as he knew that the two were related. Once Jugyou caught her, she jumped into a field of tall grass in order to escape from him.

Jugyou gets killed by Aichou.

A little while, Jugyou finally found Rihoko joined by Fuusuke which after a small conversation, he proceeded to beat and knock Fuusuke into a wall only to find that his leg and arm had nearly shattered completely due to Fuusuke's substitution technique. Fuusuke then incapacitated Jugyou temporarily, and when he finally woke up, a battle ensued between the Ninku users. during the battle, Fuusuke questions Jugyou's sudden strength as Fuusuke had declared him to be a weakling during the war, Jugyou then explains that he had trained with the Ninku Wolves to become stronger.

The two were then stopped by Aichou's arrival, who Jugyou quickly realized he was also a Ninku captain, he then retreated to reevaluate his plans. After careful strategy, Jugyou ran back into Aichou who punched him through the chest, killing him.

Abilities and Powers

Being apart of the Ninku unit and being aligned with the Ninku Wolves, Jugyou is incredibly powerful as seen being able battle Fuusuke with a broken arm and leg.


  • Jugyou appears in the Game Boy game of Ninku which in the story mode, he does not die.